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Episode 10 – Randy Richardson, Plus the Return of the Indie Bookstore

January 23, 2013 by karenshimmin

Cheeseland by Randy RichardsonOur guest today is attorney and award-winning journalist Randy Richardson. Randy serves as president of the 400-member Chicago Writers Association. His most recent novel, Cheeseland, was chosen as a 2011 Evie Fiction Finalist. His essays have been published in the anthologies Chicken Soup for the Father and Son Soul, Humor for a Boomer’s Heart, The Big Book of Christmas Joy, Be There Now, and Cubbie Blues: 100 Years of Waiting Till Next Year, as well as in numerous print and online journals and magazines. The online publication Gapers Block named his debut novel, Lost in the Ivy, one of the notable Chicago books of 2005.

Randy came by to talk about his brief career as a pilot, the drinking age in Wisconsin, and how being an attorney has influenced his writing.

In Randy’s words:

“You start to realize how words can actually have meaning that you might not initially see that other people will see. That’s actually how the law works in a lot of ways… People see words and interpret them differently than the way you may have intended them. And so I’ve become much more conscious of how I use my words.”

Randy will be reading from Cheeseland at the Evanston Public Library on January 24 at 6:30 pm.

And we get started with some surprising news for independent bookstores. The American Booksellers Association announced that 42 independent bookstores opened in 24 states last year. This includes City Lit, right here in Chicago!

Chicago is lucky to have some great indie bookstores, and if you haven’t visited them all, you should. Here’s a list of some of our favorites (let us know if we forgot your favorite):

And an honorable mention for these awesome used bookstores:

Randy Richardson

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