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Episode 11 – Jen Bosworth, Plus Stephen King Un-Publishes His Novel

February 13, 2013 by karenshimmin

Why Not Me Starring Jen BosworthJen Bosworth is a performer and writer from Evanston, Illinois. She is currently planning a tour for her one woman show Why Not Me, which had its first run in November-December 2012 at Stage 773 in Chicago. (The show also features live music from Briar Rabbit, whose song “Numbers” is featured in this episode.) Jen is a graduate of The Theatre School at DePaul University and has done a lot of cool stuff since, including working as Nicolas Cage’s office manager from 2001-2006 in Los Angeles.

Jen came by to talk about the challenges of writing a one-woman show, how no story is too humiliating to write, and the importance of the audience in storytelling.

In Jen’s words:

“I feel it’s so important to interact with the audience. I feel that’s almost more important than what you write. We’re live in a room with each other. Let’s not pretend that we’re not.”

Plus, we kick things off by looking at Stephen King’s new essay, GunsKing stepped into the spotlight of the gun control debate last month with this essay, which details his views on gun control as well as his personal connection to school shootings. In 1977, King published a novel under the pseudonym Richard Bachman called Rage, in which a troubled high school senior takes a gun to school. The book went mostly unnoticed until four different school shooters, whose actions resembled the events in Rage, cited the book as inspiration. King ultimately asked his publisher to pull the book, and it is now out of print. And that got us thinking: was this the right thing to do? When is it appropriate for a writer to pull his or her own book off the shelves?

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