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Episode 45 – Eula Biss, Plus The 2014 Chicago Humanities Festival

October 15, 2014 by karenshimmin

Eula BissEula Biss is the author of three books: On Immunity: An InoculationNotes from No Man’s Land: American Essays, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award for criticism, and The Balloonists. Her essays have appeared in The Believer and Harper’s. Biss’s work has been supported by a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Howard Foundation Fellowship, an NEA Literature Fellowship, and a Jaffe Writers’ Award. She teaches at Northwestern University and lives in Chicago.

Eula chatted with us about being friends with a lot of writers, 50 pounds of vampire books, and why she doesn’t consider herself a journalist.

On ImmunityIn Eula’s words,

“I am very self-consciously working from the personal essay tradition… Part of that tradition is a mandate to self-scrutiny and a mandate to self-reflection, and that appears sometimes in journalism, but there isn’t a mandate for that in journalism. I do feel like this book fulfills that mandate, that I enter almost all of my cultural critique through self-critique.”

Plus, we’re getting pretty excited for the 2014 Chicago Humanities Festival. We sit down with Alison Cuddy, Program Director, and Corrina Lesser, Associate Director of Programming and Education, to talk about how the festival comes together and which events they are looking forward to.

If hearing about giant pinhole cameras and dream machines doesn’t grab your interest, we also sit down with four Chicago writers who will be participating in the festival as interlocutors. Rebecca Makkai will be in conversation with Marjane SatrapiJohn Rich will be talking to Colm TóibínMark Bazer will interview David Greene, and Jac Jemc will appear with Leslie Jamison. We find out how they are preparing and what questions they are most excited to ask.

(Eula will be appearing at the Humanities Festival on Saturday, October 25. If you’re in Chicago, be sure to check it out.)

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