All Write Already!

A Completely Unpretentious Literary Podcast

What is AWA?

All Write Already! is a literary podcast without being all huffy about it. This show is for writers, readers, or anyone who likes a good story. New episodes published on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. We record in Chicago.

Your Hosts

Karen Shimmin PictureKaren Shimmin left Boulder, Colorado in 2005 for the flat, flat land of Chicago, where she is a writer and performer. A graduate of Northwestern University’s creative writing and theatre programs, Karen has performed in theatre and live lit shows around the city. Karen likes to write about water, the Western United States, lightbulbs, and her dumpster-diving grandfather.


Willy Nast grew up in Aurora, Illinois. As a kid, he was much, much more likely to be found playing video games than reading books. He’s made up for some of that lost time since then (but still enjoys a few rounds of Zelda every now and then). He graduated from the creative writing program at Northwestern. He loves beer, boxing, and greyhounds, though not necessarily in that order. You can find out more about what Willy is writing and where he’ll be reading at


Willy and Karen have been talking to each other about writing and writerly things since 2007. When their search for a literary podcast that was fun to listen to turned up surprisingly few results, they decided to make their own. Here they are singing karaoke.